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Why paygush.com?
  • 1 Unique, modern, win-win trading strategies, developed directly by the investment arm of the company!
  • 2 Continuously running innovative tools for trading, merchandizing, investments and flippings that guarantee returns round the clock.
  • 3 Paygush is newly launched afresh online and provides the same old capacity of Paypant and HOP for which they are known for. Take a chance to enjoy our private investments and listing that our members have always enjoyed
  • 4 Investments are garnered for the future, but made currently available.
  • NOTE: Payments are now paid once a week on  Wednesdays. Requests made from Wednesday at 12.01am and up to Tuesday 11:59pm of the next week are processed and paid on Wednesday of the same week. This helps with internal controls compliance.



paygush.comis an arm of Spielberg Innovations LLC, commiting investments, trade and cash flow to businesses, groups and individuals. The paygush platform provides opportunities for wealth creation through portfolio diversification through our multi-channel investments and trade.  paygush.com takes the risks out of your investments and help you maximize income with minimal cost. Investments are open to the public except for residents and citizens of Syria, Iran, North Koria, Russia, and Burundi. paygush.com. We offer 4 plans currently: 130% for 365 days, 60% for 180 days, 25% after 100 days and 5% after 30 days. You can make a deposit using BitCoin, Perfect Money, PayPal,  or Wire Transfer. We also offer a rewarding opportunity to earn even further by referring your friends to available investment opportunities!

paygush.com is offering opportunites for investors and take the path of prosperity and development.
Address:6342, Alves Boulevard, Galveston, Texas.
Tanzania: Chato Street, Plot No. 311 Regenta Estate, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania